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19+ Years of Experience in Oklahoma Law

When faced with a difficult legal situation, you want an attorney with experience in the field and location of your case. Robert Todd Waddell has practiced Oklahoma law for 20+ years in several different fields, and knows exactly how to handle your case. Todd Waddell is known for his extensive research, persuasive writing, and dedication to answering your questions and aggressively persuing the goals of your case to satisfaction. The complexities of Oklahoma law can seem daunting, but with Todd Waddell’s experience, skillful argumentation, and knowledge of the Oklahoma legal code, the success of your case will allow you to move forward with your life.

Todd Waddell has a long history of success in family law cases, in which he aggressively pursues every available legal recourse to ensure the safety and well being of every family member involved. Todd Waddell knows how to analyze a family situation and determine the best course of action, as well as how to communicate with a judge or court to achieve the outcome the client desires. Many former clients have been amazed at Mr. Waddell’s ability to increase their child custody, settle their divorce amicably, and modify child support. Some of Todd’s expertise includes:

  • Child Support Modifications and Enforcement
  • Victim Protection Orders (VPO)
  • Child Custody Modification
  • Uncontested or Contested Divorce
  • Enforce Visitation Orders
  • Child Support Modifications and Enforcement
  • Guardianship Changes

Todd Waddell also practices in the area of Personal Injury. Any injury is devastating, leaving you unable to work or live your life normally. When it is another person’s fault, Oklahoma law states that you are entitled to receive compensation for the medical, automotive, or other bills you incur from the accident, as well as potentially pain and suffering damages. An experienced attorney can help you collect the money that you need to continue living your life comfortably.






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